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FUNNY JOKE: I Quit My Job Because Of This Rabbit

A tiny white rabbit standing with the fore paw on a wood

So guys, I finally got this job in my area as a shopkeeper.

One day, one of the rabbits in my area entered the shop and asked.

Rabbit: "Do you have carrots?"

Me: "We don't have carrots"

The next day, the rabbit came back to the shop and ask the same question again.

Rabbit: "Do you have carrots?"

Me: "We don't have please."

On the third day, the rabbit came repeating the same question.

Rabbit: "Do you have carrot"?

Me: "I have told you several times that we don't have carrots but you keep asking for that. If you ever come here asking for carrots, I will hit you in the head with a hammer and nail you on the wall."

The rabbit came for the fourth time.

Rabbit: "Do you have a hammer?"

Me: "No"

Rabbit: "What about nails?'

Me: "We don't have any of them."

Rabbit: "Then, please do you have carrots?"

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