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FUNNY JOKES: 11 Hidden Fun Facts You Should Know Before You Die

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1. If you marry one woman, she'll fight will you but if you marry two or more wives, they'll fight among themselves.

2. No matter how sweet sex is you can never laugh when you're cummin.

3. You can win World's Biggest Breast Contest but only your nipple will be sucked during sexual intercourse.

4. Putting your boyfriend's picture as your profile picture does not scare us, we have entered places where they've written "Beware of wild dogs".

5. The best place to eat, drink, flex and chill to the max is in your dream. If you don't have money to pay for your expenses, just wake up and nobody will have a problem with you.

6. Do you know that the sentence "Baby, my menses finally came" is capable of healing Malaria, Feverishness, Cold and Catarrh?

7. Do you know all that all children born as a result of broken condoms are the ones that grow up to become thieves? OMG!! Wisdom will me.

8. Do you know that a fine boy without money is just like a public holiday on Saturday?

9. Do you know that the most patient customers in the world are those buying condoms? They will always say "Serve him first I will wait".

10. Do you know that 90% of women urinate on their body while bathing?

11. According to science, no machine can scatter a room than a guy looking for his condom in his room.

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