FUNNY JOKE: The Most Embarrassing Moment Of My Life

A woman with long hair with her palm covering her face as a sign of embarrassment

At the airport on my way for a trip abroad, I came across this woman bitterly complaining about her stolen phone.

I got closer to see whether I can be of assistance to her.

My phone started ringing and immediately I took it out of my pocket, the woman started accusing me of stealing her phone because her phone is the same as mine.

Surprisingly, she held me and started slapping me real hard.

The angry crowd attempted to beat me up but lucky for me there was a policeman around so he came to my rescue.

With tears dripping down my eyes, I explained everything to the policeman.

The Policeman gave his phone to the woman and asked her to call her number.

She called and her daughter answered and she was like "mum you left your phone at home when you were leaving."

The harm was already done so the policeman together with the woman apologized to me.

In order to compensate me, the woman brought out her cheque book and wrote a cheque of $7.3 million and on the verge of giving it to me, I woke up.

Oh my God! it was a dream.

Guys, now I don't really know what to do.

Should I go back to sleep maybe I will continue with the dream or see my doctor for Malaria treatment?

Trust me overeating is not good.

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