Gold Digger

FUNNY JOKE: How I Caught Is A Gold Digger

A gold digger standing next to a green Lamborghini

One day I was walking down the street and I saw this pretty girl so I decided to talk to her. After some minutes of conversation, I realised she is cool so I decided to ask her to marry me. I knelt down in front of her, held her hands and asked;

Me: "Will you marry me?"

Girl: "Do you have your own apartment?"

Me: "No"

Girl: "Do you have a Camry?"

Me: "No"

Girl: "How much is your salary?"

Me: "No Salary, But..."

Girl: "Shut Up! You have nothing and you want me to marry you? Leave my sight before I ..."

Me: "But why do I have to own an apartment when I already have an estate and two other mansions in the city. I have 2 Lamborghinis, 2 Ferraris, 1 Porsche and a G Wagon so I don't need a Camry. Also, why do I need to be paid a salary when I'm the boss."

Girl: "That's why I asked you to leave because I'm coming to your house to propose to you myself."

1. Life after being forgiven for cheating is hard. You can't even suggest a new sex position.

2. Ladies avoid guys that always turn off their car's engine in every small traffic. Trust me you will not get even one cent from that relationship.

3. Some people will just walk into the mall with slippers on in order to prove that they came in a car.

4. I don't know why some girls want to be friends with you after a breakup. Will you allow a kidnapper to stay in touch with you when they let you go?

5. I always hear people saying legends are born in this month or the other. Please I want to know which months thieves are born.

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