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FUNNY JOKE: I Bought A Lie Detector Robot For My Family

A white lie detector robot standing on its feet

As a dad, I bought a lie detector robot that slaps when one tells a lie.

So one night I decided to test it at dinner.

At the table, I asked my son what he did in the afternoon when he came back from school.

Son: "I did my homework dad."

Me: "Son don't lie to me boy."

Son: "Okay dad, I was at a friends house watching a movie."

Me: "So what kind of movie were you watching?"

Son: "We were watching cartoons."

The Robot slapped him again.

Son: "Sorry dad we were watching porn."

Me: "What! When I was your age I didn't even know what porn was."

Wam! Wam!

The robot gave me some slaps.

My wife started laughing and was like "After all he is your son."

Wam! Wam!

The robot slapped her too.

Guys this robot has messed up my family and I'm selling it

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