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FUNNY JOKE: How I Chose My wife Among Three Women

Three curvaceous women in bikini or bathing suit

Some years back, I was dating 3 women and when I decided to get married, I had no choice than to choose one among the three.

I was a tough decision to make so decided to test them.

I gave each of the 3 women $10,000 and to see what each of them will do with their money.

The first woman did a total make-over which included a fancy hairstyle, makeup and several new outfits.

With all confidence, she dressed up for me and said, "because of how much I love you, I have done all of these to make myself more attractive for you." I was so impressed.

The second woman was smart enough to spend all the money on me by shopping for me.

She bought me a new smartphone, a Rolex watch and some flashy clothes and shoes.

I was again impressed with the decision she made.

The Last woman invested the money in the stock market. She earned $40,000 and handed me my $10,000.

She then deposited the rest of the money in a joint account I had with her and told me she wanted to help secure our future.

This was a smart move and I was impressed too.

It was time for me to decide who to choose but after a lot of thinking, I finally chose one among the three.

I chose the one with the biggest buttocks😂😂.

Is this not the wisest decision?

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