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FUNNY JOKE: I Had A One-Night Stand With An Area Girl

A luxurious mansion with one black car and white car in front. It also has a pregnant woman and bundles of money.

I had a one night stand with a girl in my area.

She missed her period for months.

Her mom took her to the hospital for a pregnancy test and the result came positive. 

Angrily, her mom said; "who is the pig that got you pregnant?" 

The girl suddenly picked up her phone and called me. 

An hour later, I appeared in a Ferrari recent model. 

"Good evening," I greeted the family. 

"Your daughter told me about the issue in the house. 

I can't marry her for now because of some issues in my family, but I promise to take care of her for the rest of her life. 

If she gives birth to a girl, I will buy her a mansion, 2 jeeps and 1 million dollars." 

"If it's a boy, I'll buy her houses in the countryside, 5 jeeps, 2 big factories and 5million dollars in her bank account. 

If it's twins, I'll do anything she asked." 

But if there's a miscarriage, what do you suggest I do? 

The girl’s father silently tapped my shoulder and said; "my son, if there is a miscarriage, you'll impregnate her again."

1. Babies who suck their Mum's breast and keep their hands on the other breast are the babies who grow up to become greedy politicians.

2. Men are always complaining about girls' fallen boobs as if their testicles are standing.

3. Having SEX with your pregnant girlfriend is very risky, what if the baby is a girl, and you end up impregnating her too. Be careful guys.

4. Are you tired of your country? Do you want to travel abroad? Just put your phone on flight mode and stand on it. Safe journey my dear friend.

5. If you are a lady and you're waiting for a man who is cute, rich, humble, faithful, caring, understanding, nice and loving, don't worry and be patient. Jesus is coming soon.

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