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FUNNY JOKE: I Tried Online Dating

Two people, a man and a woman each sitting in front of a computer chatting with each other. It has logo of amazon, ebay, facebook, instagram, skype, viber, whatsapp, gnail, twitter and yahoo

"Dad, I'm in love with a girl who is far away from me.

She lives in the UK.

We met on a dating site.

Became friends on Facebook.

Had long chats on Whatsapp.

Proposed to each other on Skype.

Now we've had 2 months of relationship through Viber.

I need your blessings and good wishes daddy."

"Wow! Then get married on Twitter.

Have fun on Instagram.

Buy your kids on Amazon.

Send them through Gmail.

And if you are fed up with your wife.

Sell her on eBay

Nonsense generation! You will get a divorce on Yahoo!"

1. Bible said the Human body is the temple of God but why do girls don't want guys to enter the temple of God?

2. Please, ladies, I beg your treat your pussy as you treat your face that is someone food.

3. Are you single? Are you unhappy in your relationship? Is he/she cheating on you? Do you feel like the relationship can not work out? Do you sometimes feel like crying when you think about him/her? Now let me tell you something. Thar's none of my business.

4. Girls in my area are the best girlfriend. Even when the main gate is closed, they'll jump over the fence and come.

5. This announcement is from the National Health Service. Never drink water from the sea without boiling or treating it. This is because fishes have sex in the water without using a condom. Please share this to avoid contracting HIV/AIDS. The world needs you.

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