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FUNNY JOKE: I Visited China With My Friends For Holidays

Two tall buildings in the city

John and Mike and I visited China for vacation holidays.

In China, we lodged into a room on the 60th floor of our hotel.

The policy of the hotel was that, at midnight, the elevators were shut down.

The next day, we rented a car and explored the city.

We came back to the hotel late and the elevators were shut down.

There was no other way to get to our room but to take the stairs all the way to the 60th floor.

Mike suggested that to keep ourself active, he will tell jokes from the ground floor to the 20th floor, John will continue from the 21st floor to the 40th floor with stories full of wisdom and, I will continue from the 41st to the 60th floor with sad stories.

We learnt a lot from John and Mike while reaching the 40th floor.

Now it was time for my sad stories.

They nearly killed me after my first story.

"My first sad story was that I left the keys to our room in the car downstairs".

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