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FUNNY JOKE: I Had S3x With My Secretary In The Office

A male and a female having sex in the office

So I have this cute and sexy secretary who always seduces me with her looks.

I wanted to smash that but she was already in a relationship with someone else.

One day, I couldn't control myself so I went straight to her and told her that, I'll give her $200 if she'll let me have sex with her".

She resisted by saying NO.

Full of wisdom, I came with a good strategy and told her I'll be quick. I'll just throw the money on the floor, she bends down, and I'll be finished by the time she picks it up.

She thought about it for a moment and decided to talk to her boyfriend about it.

Her boyfriend said, "ask for $300, pick it up very fast and he won't even be able to get his pants down".

She happily agreed to the offer.

Half an hour passed and the boyfriend was still waiting for feedback from her girlfriend.

After waiting for 50 minutes the boyfriend decided to call her and asked what happened.

She responded, "That idiot used coins".

1. Off late broken relationship doesn't hurt girls any more but promise to give them money and fail to deliver, it murders their heart and breaks their soul.

2. Some guys will comment "cute" on a girl picture when they truly know she looks like an agama lizard.

3. After you managed to get a guy buy you the latest version of iPhone, expensive wigs, designer shoes and bags and a car, you are complaining that he doesn't allow anyone to come close to me. My sister that's what watchmen do, you're worth more than a storey building.

4. So you gained admission into the university, you posted it on your status. When you're going for lectures, you post it on your status. When you're going to write exams, you post it on your status. After you received the results of your exams you are nowhere to be found. My brother, we're waiting for you.

5. Have you ever lose a fight and after you get to the house you start imagining all the “kung fu” you could have used to beat the person.

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