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FUNNY JOKE: Who Is The Craziest?

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1. The man who polishes his shoes just to take a passport size picture.

2. That person who goes to the bank with a screwdriver and a spanner to open a bank account.

3. The man who removes his shoes before entering a taxi cab.

4. The man who goes to bed with a measuring instrument just to know how long he will sleep.

5. The man who watches the news on television and waves at the newscaster at the end of the news.

6. That nurse who wakes up a patient simply because she forgot to give him his sleeping pills.

7. What about the man who climbs a mango tree to check if the mango fruit is ripped enough then comes down to pluck it with a stick.

8. The man who saw something that looks like shit, touches and tastes it to confirm whether it is one. After confirming it thanked God for not stepping on it.

9. That dude who puts his radio set inside the refrigerator because he wants to listen to cools.

10. The man who knocks the refrigerator before opening.

11. The man ho lower his television set's volume because he wants to read a text message.

12. Continue with yours at the comment session.

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