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FUNNY JOKE: My First Day In Class As A Teacher in China

A black teacher in front of his class teaching

So, guys, I got an appointment to teach in China.

The first day I entered the class, I took the class register and began calling out the names of students in my class.

I called out de first name "Sheng".

One of my pupils stood up and answered "present sir".

I called the second name "chu muon".

Another kid answered "present sir".

Suddenly I sneezed "hatchia".

One student seated at the corner stood up and responded "present sir".

I surprisingly exclaimed "hmmm".

All the students shouted "absent sir".

At that moment, I was confused and said "Chai". 

Three students immediately stood up and asked: "Which of us sir?".

I became more confused and asked the class "what is wrong?"

Another student stood up and answered "Sir, I'm not
wrong. I'm called Wong ".

I could not help but laughed out loud "hahahaha".

One of the girls stood up and answered "present sir".

Guys, I'm done I'm looking for a new appointment, I can't do this anymore.

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