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FUNNY JOKE: My Encounter With Armed Robbers In My House

An armed robber with black shirt and black mask having a gun in his hands.

An armed robber broke into my house and found me and my wife sitting at a table.

The robber points his gun at us, and said; let me know the names of my victims before I kill them.

My wife: "My name is Mary."

Robber: "Oh damn! My mother's name is Mary. I can't kill mary."

Robber: "And you Mr?"

Me: "Please my name is Dave but all my friends call me MaryI SWEAR."

1. Guys we need to be smart these days. It has come to my notice that some ladies will sleep with you just to copy your sex styles to teach their boyfriends.

2. A restaurant in my village sells snail for $25. A snail that is so slow, can't even run and you don't even have to chase it or set a trap to catch it, you just go to the forest and pick it. I can imagine how much an Antelope will cost.

3. Do you know the first female barber in the world was a female? Her name was Delilah. Where are my bible scholars?

4. I remember those days when we see breast only when a mother is breastfeeding her child. Girls of these days use theirs as a profile picture.

5. Dating a guy with a big dick is fun. Good sex and great orgasms is a bonus for you until you break up and realise the wide problem he left in you. 

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