FUNNY JOKE: The Day I Tried To Learn How To Fly An Airplane

A green book with a title "how to fly and aeroplane Volume 1. I t has a  blue sky as the background

A week after I got a job at the airport I was cleaning the pilot's cockpit when I saw a book with the titled, "HOW TO FLY AN AIRPLANE FOR BEGINNERS, Volume 1"

I opened the 1st page which said: To start the engine, press the red button.

Out of curiosity, I did so, and the aeroplane engine started. 

I was happy and opened the next page.

On the next page it reads: To set aeroplane moving, please press the blue button.

I did so and the plane started moving at an amazing speed.

I wanted to fly, so I opened the 3rd page which reads: To let the aeroplane fly, please press the green button.

I quickly pressed the green button and the plane took off into the sky.

After 20 minutes of flying, I was satisfied and wanted to land so I decided to go to the 4th page.

OMG! I fainted after reading the instruction on the 4th page.

Page 4
To learn how to land a plane, please buy Volume 2 at the nearest bookshop.

1. Don't be too proud of yourself. It will shock you that your boob is someone's nipple.

2. Some people are like a bag of weed. You love them but you can't show them to your parents.

3. Some ladies will spend so much money and time on weaves trying to impress a man who is out there cheating on them with a girl who doesn't even comb her hair. That's how cruel the world is.

4. Some girls will visit you with just a handbag and take all your properties when leaving. If you know Sandra, please help me beg her to return my Tv, 3 spoons, and my air condition. That small bag in their hands is a whole shopping mall.

5. ITALIAN REPORTER: Cristiano Ronaldo why don't you have tattoos like other great football players.

CRISTIANO RONALDO: Have you seen a Bugatti with stickers on it.

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