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FUNNY JOKE: Why I Didn't Go To College

A black poster with a text on it which reads "opposite in meaning" :Oh my God" "Oh my devil". It also has a two laughing emoji on it.

My tutor started a new topic (words and their opposites). He decided to ask the class some few questions about the topic under discussion.

Teacher: Dave, What is the opposite of good?

Me: Bad.

Teacher: Come?

Me: Go.

Teacher: Ugly?

Me: Sexy.

Teacher: You are wrong.

Me: You are right.

Teacher: Shut up.

Me: Keep talking.

Teacher: Ok now stop.

Me: Ok now carry on.

Teacher: Get out of my class.

Me: Come to my class.

Teacher: Oh my God.

Me: Oh your devil.

Teacher: You have failed.

Me: I have passed.

Teacher: Stupid boy, stop talking.

Me: Stupid man, keep talking.

Now you all know why dave didn't go to college.

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